A Pivot to Mini Motorways Content (or not)

We sometimes do funny things to keep ourselves entertained. In light of (only now easing) restrictions in Sydney and Melbourne, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who could tell of unusual pastimes they might have picked up during these pandemic times.

For me one of the quiet activities that has kept me entertained is the Apple arcade version of Mini Motorways. It’s kind of a puzzle game where you are trying to keep your city’s traffic flowing safely for as long as possible. Each trip your commuters make represents a point to your score.

So Mini Motorways has a leaderboard, for both daily challenges and weekly challenges. I was vaguely following it, mainly to see how I compared (usually not well!), and I noticed seeing the same name pop up more than once! Pretty impressive. Now I don’t quite know how some of the big scores happen – but I know it’s hard to make the top ten. So NotMara, zhefei, Salino33, DesertEagle and BeepSF1, kudos on finishing top ten more than once this week!

So funnier than just spending my time playing games, I decided to write this and to create a leaderboard of the finishers in the daily top ten… this is starting from 5th October, and depending how much effort it is, I’ll try to keep producing a new updated leaderboard each week. Let me know if you enjoyed this!

With that out of the way, here’s the leaderboard after Sunday 10 October.

Username Top Ten FinishesRanking Points
Not Mara2110
Fafo le Très mieux185
Jorge Dstryr175
ThompsonWife131 63
–Minimashi– 1 60
PorridgePi 1 60
Svidani1 59.5

This ranking system won’t be perfect… for example if a username changes there’s no way to know. Just a bit of fun.

A win in the most recent day is worth the most (100 points), with 80, 70 & 60 points for 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and then 6th through to 10th receive 55 points down to 30 points in 5-point increments.

Previous days’ results decrease by 5% for every day older than the most recent results. So based on this a top ten finish will stay in the rankings for 20 more days.

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