Yogamatty. Forgive any confusion, this is not so much a site about Matty, or a site about Yoga. There is a bit of both, but a lot of neither.

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Why “yogamatty”?

I created this site in 2019 as a place to write. To try to share some of the experiences and tools that have helped me make changes that… and I say this knowing that it sounds like a big statement… have helped me out of a state of low-level depression that I believe I have […]

Introspection 101

This is not actually an introductory course in Introspection. Just some gentle encouragement and advice for those contemplating a new hobby. Note I’m not a professional, but I do have a lifetime’s experience in overthinking! I don’t think introspection has ever been a particularly widely valued skill in our modern lives, and is one of […]

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Heart Without Expectation

Or, The Lesson My Son Taught Me That No One Else Could My eldest son, Ryan, is 14 years old. For me, that was an age of growing apart from family. Of buying into all the teenage clichés of resenting parents, rebelling, feeling like I didn’t fit in. As a parent with my first teenager, […]

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