Bye to the New Guy

I lay on my back. My old friend, Dull Ache, seems to have left for good. Sometimes I miss him. Particularly on the those days when new friend, targeted localised shooting pain, let’s call it the new guy, is around. 

Dull Ache was a long-term companion. He was settled in behind my heart. For as long as I can remember, I was more aware of him than I was aware of my own heart. Dull Ache was a symbol that I wasn’t an Upright Citizen, in more ways than one. I farewelled Dull Ache a few short years ago, surprisingly losing this companion that I assumed was for life. 

I place my fists under my back, gently nestling my knuckles either side of my spine. I yearn for that release of joints, of everything settling into place. But today is not the day. I just try to let me body relax over the knuckle, to relax the muscles that are pulling. My body is nearly ready to forgive me for Dull Ache and together we will farewell the new guy.

Published by yogamatty

Writing about my own mental health journey with a focus on the main tools that have helped me emerge as “me”.

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